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Exercise with Friends Nordic Walking Club offers taster sessions, Learn to Nordic Walk courses, and regular classes on the stunning Hampstead Heath and Alexandra Palace. We’re a team of dedicated, caring instructors leading enthusiastic and welcoming walkers – come and join us.

Exercise with Friends Nordic Walking Club is run by Martin Christie. Martin brought Nordic walking into the UK in 2003, founded Nordic Walking UK nationally and has trained over 3000 instructors. Exercise with Friends aims to be the exemplar Nordic Walking UK club, offering a range of day, evening and weekend group and private Nordic walking classes for all abilities.

The Exercise with Friends’ instructor team specialises in specific areas of health and fitness, whether that’s providing the best support and instruction for those with medical conditions or challenging the fittest clients with our Workout Walks or Speedhyking events. Significantly, class sizes are managed so you receive individual attention in every session (making sure you exercise at the level that’s just right for you) yet large enough to get all the social benefits of exercising – talking and walking is very much part of the activity!

Our aim is that you be encouraged to work slightly harder than you would if on your own, that you are motivated by your instructor and also by the other members with you, and the beautiful surroundings. In short, we want you to actively look forward to coming to your Nordic walking classes, miss them when you’re away and to feel the physical, mental and social benefits in every session so that you get the results you want.


Come and join us to try it out for yourself!

Martin Christie

Martin launched Nordic walking in the UK in 2003, formed the national organisation Nordic Walking UK and has personally trained over 3000 Nordic Walking UK instructors. With the Nordic Walking UK team, Martin continues to develop new Nordic walking programmes and oversees the standards of instructor training across the organisation.

Martin owns, manages and delivers classes for Exercise with Friends. He has surrounded himself with a fantastic team of instructors and aims for Exercise with Friends to be the premier Nordic walking club in the country.

Sarah Tomkins

Sue Livock

Michelle Wayne

Michelle has been leading walks as part of the Exercise with Friends team since 2010.  She is passionate about helping people enjoy being active and meeting new people. With a strong personal background in sport, Michelle played table tennis to county standard and is a professional tennis coach.  She is married with two daughters.

Phyllis Slack

Sarah Corballis

Sarah has been a keen Nordic walker since 2012 and loves working-out in nature, walking in any weather – even in the mid-winter on Hampstead Heath!  She can feel that Nordic walking has made her fitter, stronger and more relaxed, as well as giving her new and lasting friendships with local people she might not normally meet. Since qualifying as a Nordic Walking UK Instructor in 2019, she has loved leading classes; from helping and encouraging beginners to training the super-fit, offering walks of different levels of intensity to suit everyone.

Lagle Moik

Lagle has a passion for sports and fitness – she loves coaching and most of all loves seeing others discover the same passion for a fit, healthy lifestyle. Her aim is to help people find confidence, strength and happiness within themselves and this is what inspired her to become a Nordic Walking UK Instructor. She has always led an active lifestyle, including skiing and running at a competitive level, these factors contributing to her passion, knowledge and respect for exercise and healthy living. Combine this with her light-hearted attitude to life and good humour, and you’ll have a fun and effective class!

Diana Gore

Diana has been a Nordic Walking UK Instructor since March, 2013.  Over the years, she has added more qualifications in order to help clients with medical conditions, including osteoporosis, joint replacement and arthritis. Alongside her Nordic walking, she works with elderly clients to prevent falls by improving balance, fitness and muscle strength. “The longer I teach, the more convinced I am of the huge health and wellbeing benefits of structured outdoor exercise in a group. Nordic walking is infinitely adaptable to the needs of individual clients and can be enjoyed in any environment for many years.”


Izzy has been instructing at Exercise with Friends since 2010. She has a passion for health and fitness and loves to give clients the experience of exercising in a fun and social environment. Formerly a gymnast, now a runner, she became hooked on Nordic walking after seeing what a great full body workout it could provide – boosting cardio fitness, whilst being low impact and using the body’s natural movements.

Izzy is an advocate of interval training as a fast and effective way to build fitness and she makes use of these techniques in her group classes. In one-to-one sessions, she is able to deliver more individualised programmes, specifically tailored to the fitness goals and needs of the client. Behind the scenes, Izzy is involved in organising Nordic walking courses and in client care.

As well as teaching Nordic walking, Izzy is also a freelance personal trainer and nutritionist.

By the way, Izzy doesn’t really look like her image (much) but she admires the environmental work of the artist: http://www.seppo.net/e/. Image used with thanks.

Daniel Oyemomilara


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