9 ways to stick to your exercise regime

The Guardian has published a very interesting article presenting 9 ways to stick to your New Year’s exercise regime – have a read.

I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry for 27 years, so here are some of my own pointers:

  1. Think about what you might enjoy most. Would you prefer outdoor exercise in the fresh air, or indoors, out of the rain? Is exercise easier in a group, or do you prefer the mental space and mediation of exercising alone?
  2. Be honest with yourself – how often will you exercise per week? The most successful exercisers tend to exercise either five times per week (and they’re probably already doing it), or set themselves the target of once per week. Setting yourself a target of three times per week can work, but doing it because ‘that’s what I’m supposed to do’ often leads to disappointment. Setting a realistic goal (in terms of exercise regularity) and achieving it, can better lead you to increasing that frequency.
  3. Start now. If you make your first steps easy enough, why do you need to wait?

If you answered above that you prefer to exercise indoors, Nordic walking is probably not for you, but if you’d like to try an outdoor, social exercise take a look our website or contact us. We run Nordic walking taster classes each month. (If you’re not in north London, take a look at Nordic Walking UK.)

I’ve been a sports coach, personal trainer, health club manager and health adviser for BUPA. 13 years ago, I chose to focus on Nordic walking; I’ve never come across a simpler, more effective exercise – not because it’s better than other forms of exercise, but because it’s so easy to get into and to stick with – and that gets results. Whatever exercise you do, or take up, all the best!

Updated: July 5, 2016 — 2:04 pm